Home Remedies to Calm Teething Babies

little baby biting her mother fingerIf you are bringing up or have brought up a baby before you probably know that teething phases of growth are not the best part about parenting. Teething period can be a very rough patch for you and your little one because you are always in it together. When your child is aching with some serious teeth pain in the gums, it is not just the baby that loses some sleep. So if it happens during the night which it does, you want to know how best to help your little angel to calm down and that is why we made a quick round up of the best home remedies for providing instant teething pain relief.

We all love a good massage for the pain and your little one’s gums are no exception. When it is too much for the baby to bear and baby begins to cry, you can soothe their pain and discomfort by rubbing a finger on the part you reckon is inflamed.  This pressure goes a long way to provide instant relief and if baby likes it you will know instantly. Pressure is a good form of distraction for the brain pain receptors and for some reason applying pressure externally counteract the internal pressure of growing teeth and provides relief.

Chilling is yet another not so secret remedy for pain. A cooled cucumber will do wonders in the way of emergency relief. You can use a dump towel if you like to achieve the same effect. The point is to lower the temperature on the affected gums and effectively calm the nerves. There are teething rings specifically designed for this purpose but babies can choke on solids especially non-food substances. Larger sized cucumbers are probably best if you are not keeping your eyes trained on the infant as they much away. It is worth noting that we said cool here and not frozen, that is very harsh even on an adult. You can keep in the fridge for a while and place on your skin to gauge how cold the object is.

1) Crunchy foods

When babies experience teething, solid foods are often preferred to teething rings. That way baby can munch on a cooled and peeled cucumber and take in some nutrients as well. Most crunchy foods will do but care must be taken to always watch the child rest they choke on a bit of the food. That means strictly no looking away for longer than a few seconds.

Generally avoid things that baby can choke on and do supervise chewing activities. If you decide not to give the anything to munch on be sure to keep anything they can fit in their mouths far from their reach because they will get a thing themselves and put it in their mouth still.

2) Teething medication for babies

Sometimes the cooling and crunching will come short when it comes to regulating teething discomfort for your child. Under such circumstances you ought to have some drugs for the pain. Generally mild OTC painkillers for children will do the trick but it is advisable to consult your doctor first. There are many drugs designed to keep teething pain and discomfort at bay such as Motrin Tylenol.

Beware of other drugs that will ease teething pain but may be unsafe for babies. These include the recently banned benzocaine drugs for teething. Whatever your remedy for teething pain, make sure you know that it will not cause any harm to your baby.

Don’t use alcohol for your teething baby!

While some people, who one might wonder if they give much thought to the safety and health of their babies, try to give alcohol to babies with teething pain that is cruel and irresponsible. Parents will do anything to get their babies to calm down when they are teething but alcohol is too far. There are better more effective ways to provide comfort for your baby than to knock them out with a strong toxin which their liver can barely fight. Alcohol is a dangerous substance on babies and should only touch your little prince or princess as a disinfectant in case you don’t have some methylated spirit or hydrogen peroxide for cuts and open wounds. Under no circumstance does alcohol help your baby calm teething pain.

When to see the dentist about teething pain

It is recommended that you take your infant to the dental office just when the teething is just around the corner. Your best dental office offers kid friendly dentistry and your youngest will just love to come again. People wonder how soon their babies should first see the dentist, it is recommended by dentists all over the world that your baby gets a smiling appointment with a family dentist by the age of one.

When it is time for the little one to visit their dentist, don’t deny them the opportunity of meeting the good doctor who will be there to ensure they grow healthy and beautiful teeth and smiles. Starting early means guaranteed dental health and no teeth removals as an adult.

Kid friendly dental offices can help with teething pain

The best Las Vegas dentist for kids will have lots of distractions such as video games, treasure chests and plenty of kid proofing of the entire premises to ensure safety and comfort of your loved ones. Other requirements for kid’s dentistry ae a friendly staff good with children and sedation dentistry expertise so that your kids don’t grow up petrified with fear of the dentist.

As for rubber rings you just need to get the right kind and the safe products that do not contain lead paint and other toxins.

Have you recently handled teething problems? You know that teething can be different for different babies, for some nothing seems to work while others only cry a few moments during the day. Do share your teething stories, remedy suggestions and advice in the comments. We always love to see you feedback which might also help others in your circumstances